Radical Forgiveness

Do you hold on to past issues? Are you stuck in regret or resentment? If so, you will want to explore an entirely new approach to letting go of past hurts.  The reality is that traditional forgiveness implies a "power-over" relationship.  The person forgiving has power-over the transgressor. And this "Radical" method of forgiveness changes everything you have learned about the process of letting go.... I lead my clients through the 5 step process of Radical Forgiveness, creating an entirely new understanding of what it means to let go of the past... to see this in action in my full length documentary film that features this radical process.

What Exactly Is Radical Forgiveness Coaching? (as explained by my mentor, Colin Tipping):

Let me begin to answer this question by saying what it is not. At first blush, you would think that it is a fancy name for just another form of life coaching.

You would be wrong. A Radical Forgiveness coach approaches the process with a mindset that sets it apart from any other form of coaching. Let me explain.

Even though a good life coach is all about helping people grow and expand, their training is mostly still grounded in the standard medical model that everyone is familiar with and accepts as perfectly normal. It begins with these questions in mind:

    1. What is the nature of the person’s problem?
    2. What is causing the problem?
    3. How can we fix the problem?

A Radical Living Forgiveness begins with a quite different set of questions in mind. These are:

    1. What is perfect about what is occurring for this person?
    2. How is the perfection revealing itself?
    3. How can I get the person to see the perfection in the situation?

You will no doubt recognize these as defining the Radical Forgiveness approach. This states that when we approach life from the point of view that there are no accidents, that everything happens for a reason, and the hand of God is always present in every situation, problems simply dissolve. People’s lives are transformed immediately.

Having the ability to apply this philosophy to virtually any situation in life is to live consciously and with awareness of both human reality and spiritual reality at the same time. That’s the definition of Radical Living. And that’s the goal of Radical Forgiveness Coaching.

Fortunately, the Radical Forgiveness coach has access to a large number of tools that help him or her achieve that goal. These come in the form of a range of simple worksheets, interactive online worksheets, online programs, audio tools, and more.

In the beginning, of course, the RF coach does what any good coach will do: listen to the person and ask questions, elicit information, etc.

But once the notion of Radical Forgiveness is broached and sufficiently understood, the coach’s primary task is then to show the client how to use the tools and, thereafter, to provide an appropriate level of support.

Once using the tools has become a habit for the client and a natural way of dealing the challenges of everyday life, the coaches work is done.

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