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Prosperity - how to listen to your soul and unlock your blocks!

Upcoming Webinar: 

Event Title:  Prosperity: Getting the "locks" out of your Blocks
Date & Time:  Thursday, June 28th at 5:00 PM Pacific/6:00 PM Mountain/ 7:00 PM Central/ 8:00 PM Eastern
To attend this event, click here before the event time:

https :&nbsp ;//InstantTeleseminar.co m/Event s/108639624  

What I will cover in the webinar: 

1) what are the most typical blocks to prosperity 

2) how do we discover our "locks"? 

3) what do we do when we find them? 

4) A new way to get direct information from your higher self

5) Creating a new relationship with prosperity 


What do you think of when you consider the word "prosperity"? I personally think of an expanded connection to all areas of life's richness - relationships, work, friends, spirituality and last of all finances. In fact, when I ponder the idea of prosperity, for me, it originates deep in my soul, and consists of a richness in connection to spirit. 

However, this deep sense of prosperity is often missing in our lives..  if this is the case, we tend to chase after it, especially with regards to getting or having "more".  But I believe that true prosperity is about going deeply within and unlocking the very things that are "blocking" our full prosperity. In fact, you can't get prosperity by chasing it "out there". 

I have found that the way to live inside of the feeling of prosperity, is to go within for the solutions.  And the very exciting thing for me, is that I believe that our soul knows exactly what we need to do to unlock any blocks to prosperity.  

How do I know this? I have experienced it with my clients over and over in what I call my signature "Soul Codes" session. You soul always knows what you need to do, but you need to find a way to listen.  In a soul codes session, you give me your soul code, (you'll hear how this works during the event). And I help to translate it into an understanding of what needs to be done to unlock your prosperity frequency! (see the "services tab" to learn more about this session) 

In the upcoming webinar, I will be demonstrating a "live" soul codes presentation with a volunteer so you can see exactly how this works. If there is time at the end of the webinar, I will take a few more volunteers to demonstrate how  your soul is excited to share with you what you need to do to unlock your blocks to prosperity! 

If you are curious about learning a new way to hear directly from your soul, you will want to check out my latest webinar! 

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